Community Catch Up

September Community Catch Up

With the 2020-21 school year well underway, Communities In Schools of Milledgeville/Baldwin County has been nothing short of busy. Beginning well before August, the CISMBC team began brainstorming ideas of how they could adapt to the many changes brought on by COVID-19. The month of September was filled with much progress and success as CISMBC continued reaching students and families during this pandemic. The mission of CISMBC remains the same: Doing whatever it takes to provide a community of support empowering students to stay in school and achieve in life. Obviously, “in school” is not only limited to the physical school buildings but also includes the two-thirds of the BCSD students who are currently learning in an online format. In an effort to reach as many students as possible, here are a few of the services being provided as of the end of September: 

  1. The CISMBC Bee Well Clinic now has telehealth capabilities installed or being installed in all of the Baldwin County public schools, and the clinic itself is experiencing great success since its beginning only one year ago. In fact, Congressman Jody Hice came to visit and tour the awesome facilities earlier this month. 
  2. Although volunteers are not allowed in the schools at this time, CISMBC has opened up several virtual opportunities. Virtual tutoring through Zoom and Google Classroom, pre-recorded virtual children’s book readings, and pre-recorded virtual tutoring sessions on various topics are just a few of the virtual opportunities available. Approximately twenty volunteers are already involved, and the number is only growing as CISMBC reaches more and more students.
  3. Read for the Record, a worldwide literacy advocacy event, is taking place on October 29th, and a pandemic is not stopping CISMBC. Plans are being made for virtual readings and more teacher involvement with the event in the schools. Additionally, students at Georgia College Early College are joining in with the event and have plans to read to the younger grades via a virtual format.  

Although challenging, these are exciting times for the Milledgeville/Baldwin County community to come together to provide additional supports to the wonderful students and their quality education.