Community Catch Up

October Community Catch Up

Communities in Schools of Milledgeville/Baldwin County has seen meaningful progress as the team continues to implement school-based activities during this pandemic. Students have benefited from the unwavering support of the staff and volunteers at each school as well as services through the Bee Well Clinic. 

The CISMBC Bee Well Clinic has already administered one hundred and twenty Covid-19 tests. Continued community-based testing is paramount to keep the spread of the coronavirus disease in check.

COVID-19 is highly contagious when a person comes into close contact with a sick person or contaminated surface. One of the main ways to contain its spread is continued social distancing. While this may help to contain the spread of the virus, it can cause untold stress especially to children and teenagers who are used to social interaction in school. According to, coloring can help improve an individual’s mood, reduce stress, and boost creativity. Consequently, the Early Learning Center will provide coloring packets to the students at home.

Online classes and tutoring have been a great asset to continued education for learners at home. Sanford Harmony, a no-cost social-emotional learning program available online for schools, districts, and organizations, has been very instrumental for CISMBC. Students at Lakeview Primary School were encouraged to answer questions on this platform at the beginning of each tutoring session to promote social-emotional learning. Fostering strong friendships was incorporated into the curriculum during one week of tutoring in October. Sanford Harmony groups are held with the young learners every Thursday and are led by CISMBC tutor, Jane Ford. Ford is also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

One of the greatest successes of October came with Jumpstart’s annual Read for the Record campaign. CISMBC staff, BCSD teachers, and several volunteers participated in the one-day event through both in-person and virtual readings. The campaign seeks to raise awareness about the importance of early literacy and access to high-quality books for children, and this year, CISMBC reached over 1,700 students.

Students at Midway Hills Academy and Lakeview Primary are benefitting from CISMBC’s virtual tutoring services, and CISMBC also plans to officially release the virtual reading library to teachers beginning in November. Any person who is interested in submitting virtual readings for this resource may contact Andrew Kirkland (

This month’s addition was written by GC student, Morgan Lynn